A System for Remembering Forever

This is a system which is quite effective for permanently memorizing addition and multiplication tables. If five facts are taken up each day, then the entire addition or multiplication tables can be memorized in about three weeks for addition and in about 4 weeks for multiplication. The system is based on the existence of 50 unique facts in the addition tables and 72 unique facts in the multiplication tables (if one goes through 12s).

You will need a timer with a beeper. Since this is an exercise that is meant to establish “cold-recall,” no more than 5 or ten minutes at the time should be spent on this system.

1. Select the material to be memorized. The material should be familiar and understood. Select no more than five facts at one time; i.e. 1+4=5, 2+4=6, 3+4=7, 4+4=8, 5+4=9.

2. The student should write down the material to be memorized in a neat order, and then proceed to study the material.

3. After a time, the student should lay the material down, look away and repeat the material aloud, saying all that can remembered. Study, using this sequence, until all the material can be recalled orally.

4. Set the timer for one minute and have the student move on to other material or activities so the student is distracted from the material which is being memorized.

5. When the timer goes off, the student should recall aloud the material being memorized. Repeat this process until the student can recall all the material after a distraction of one minute.

6. When the one-minute distraction is not a problem for the student, change the interval to 15 minutes. When this is mastered, move to 60 minutes, then to three hours, and then daily for at least 3 days.

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